AFD is a comprehensive design studio that offers strategic visual solutions across print and digital media. Our expertise in the sciences of branding, marketing and communication enables us to create significant and lasting design for our clients.

For a brand, an empowering visual system is essential. That’s what design is all about.” —AFD


From the smallest piece to the biggest sign, our expertise extends to six integrated disciplines: branding, editorial, fashion, signage, web and packaging. For each project, a creative team is curated, members are selected based on style and specialty to meet the project objective and ensure success.

| A nexus between North and South America


Ariana Fridman’s professional experience includes designing for large companies in the United States as well as small and medium-sized businesses in Argentina. This diverse background informs her fresh and unique vision, which she applies to each design piece created at the studio.


Founder & Creative Director

Ariana Fridman is an Argentinean graphic designer who graduated with honors and achieved the distinction of best portfolio from The Art Institute of California–San Francisco.

At 16, Ariana’s curiosity and daring personality led her to travel the world. In 2008, she moved to the United States determined to further her education and hone her design skills. Ariana earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and started working as a designer for renowned international companies such as L´Oréal, Ralph Appelbaum, Peter Thomas Roth and Kenu

After seven years abroad, Ariana decided to return to Buenos Aires and launch her own design studio. Ariana’s knowledge of the market, capacity to understand clients’ needs and profound work method are distinguishing features that she applies to each project. 


  • Ariana participated in the Business Perspectives for Creative Leaders program at Yale University. 

  • Ariana was an invited guest speaker for the UX Design program at the University of California, Berkeley.


  • Ariana served as a Professional Jury member for the Packaging and Branding design programs at Palermo University, Buenos Aires.


  • Ariana is a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts and the Argentinean Creative Circle.

Each color, each word, each image in a design forms part of your brand’s dna.” — AFD



What sets us apart

Inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, our creative process is based on the understanding that the whole is the sum of its parts.

Starting with market research, the key to assessing the domestic and international climate in which a brand is situated, we get an accurate snapshot to understand the client´s status quo and needs.   

Based upon this analysis, we dive into the creative process. Through brainstorming sessions, mood boards and briefs, we develop a concept and create unique strategies aimed at growth and success for the brand. This allows us to build a vision that is 100 percent original.

Finally, we test the viability of this vision according to the objectives and scope of the project. Once confirmed, we translate the concepts into final design products and media chosen by the client.



Identifying the essence of your brand

Every brand has a unique code, something we call brand essence, which contains the power to transform, create a sense of belonging and give a distinct voice to ideas. Its components are the cornerstone of design and its associated disciplines, which work in synergy to create strong and effective communication.